sqp can
by Andrew Jacob

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Squid Pro Quo

IPA, 8%
SQUID PRO QUO is the second can in the Baby Dictators series. It is created by artist / surfing teacher / oyster farmer / shark commentator, Andy Jacob in Wellfleet MA. Andy is one of the founders of this series, the purpose of which is to explore the alternate potential futures of baby Trump, had he only had a happier childhood. Andy took the concept of the series literally. The five surfer Trumps pulling SQUID PRO QUO in the artwork are alternate reality future Trumps who benefited from surfing lessons as kids and now live peacefully as professional surfers, riding the swells.

Just Squiddy

Artists’ statement:

"I imagined him floating over a psychedelic sunset, riding tubes in pure bliss. 5 alternate reality surfer Trumps guide the strings harmoniously. Like if he grew up surfing with his dad, going to the beach each weekend. --ANDREW JACOBS, Wellfleet Mass. @SOULKONTROLLER