bf can
by Adam O'Day

Own the original acrylic-on-canvas artwork. Profits to the artist.

Balloon Factory

BALLOON FACTORY is the first can in the Baby Dictators series. Created by Adam O’Day who lived for a time in Athens Georgia, we wanted the first beer in this series to take a step back from a literal rendering of the subject and to tell a different story… the BALLOON FACTORY is a pretty dark place, from which the balloon escapes to greener pastures.

Just Squiddy

Artists’ statement:

“This baby Trump balloon is a very orange Georgia peach. The poor guy didn’t seem happy in the city. He is freed from a menacing urban landscape and drifts to a farm I painted in New Hampshire. The word farm has multiple meanings: retiring in peace... or going to jail.” --ADAM O’DAY, Balloon Factory, MA @ADAM_ODAY