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LAUNCHING 1/1/2020. FAB--our cans are venues of free expression dedicated to connecting artists with audiences to make powerful statements. Founded by Ben Holmes and a team of artists and activists. Our mission is to brew world class beers which build a better world through art. Read on...

Our Founding Story

The BABY DICTATORS PROJECT is our first can series (and we have more on the way). It responds to the destruction of artwork in good humor with a statement of resilience!

We’re creating cans which invent good hearted satirical balloons, hand-designed by artists to be flown to challenge dictators around the world. Balloons will first be fabricated and flown at activist events and political rallies in the USA election year 2020. The first two balloons are BALLOON FACTORY (Adam O'Day) and SQUID PRO QUO (Andy Jacob). Using can sales to fund art and fabrication, we will create enough balloons to replace many times over the “Baby Trump” protest artwork which was destroyed at an LSU Football Game.

As citizens of an international community stunned by the rise of totalitarian dictatorships around the world, it was important for us as brewers and activists to create a company which would stand up for ideals that we believed in as citizens. One moment of transformation occurred for us on a morning in October 2019 when a piece of protest artwork was destroyed at a rally in Alabamba, USA. The BABY DICTATORS PROJECT is our first can series and it was built around this moment to respond to destruction of artwork with resilience, satirizing current- and aspiring dictators by building large balloons to explore their positive futures in alternative realties where they had happier childhoods.

The purpose of this project is to reinforce artistic resiliency and free protest on a national scale. Its mascot is MEDUSA BALLOON, created by Adam O’Day.

Original Baby Trump


Ben and Todd created the recipes for our first two beers. BALLOON FACTORY is a West Coast-style IPA and SQUID PRO QUO is a Double IPA. Both beers are brimming with hops from the American Northwest.

Each of these first recipes employs mash hopping, a technique which deeply integrates hop flavors (see below). These beers are also dry hopped at two points–once, during the height of fermentation activity to promote the integration of resinous hop terpenes into the flavor of the beer, and secondly, at the tail end of fermentation–immediately following which addition, the beer is capped to capture the hop aromas. This naturally carbonates the beer, producing tiny, champagne-like bubbles from fermentation of trace amounts of sugars present in the hop flowers.

[+] Learn about Mash Hopping Both BALLOON FACTORY and SQUID PRO QUO are mash hopped beers. Mash hopping involves the addition of hops (in this case, Citra) at the very beginning of beer brewing. These hops are added at relatively low temperatures, allowing extraction into the beer of many sought after aroma compounds in addition to some plant sugars which are found in the hop flowers. Mash hop plant matter is discarded before the beer is boiled and our early experiments point to this reducing the extraction of harsh bitterness which can result from hop additions during the boiling of wort.

Balloon Factory

BALLOON FACTORY is the first can in the Baby Dictators series. Created by Adam O’Day who lived for a time in Athens Georgia, we wanted the first beer in this series to take a step back from a literal rendering of the subject and to tell a different story… the BALLOON FACTORY is a pretty dark place, from which the balloon escapes to greener pastures.

Just Squiddy

Artists’ statement:

“This baby Trump balloon is a very orange Georgia peach. The poor guy didn’t seem happy in the city. He is freed from a menacing urban landscape and drifts to a farm I painted in New Hampshire. The word farm has multiple meanings: retiring in peace... or going to jail.” --ADAM O’DAY, Balloon Factory, MA @ADAM_ODAY

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Squid Pro Quo

IPA, 8%
SQUID PRO QUO is the second can in the Baby Dictators series. It is created by artist / surfing teacher / oyster farmer / shark commentator, Andy Jacob in Wellfleet MA. Andy is one of the founders of this series, the purpose of which is to explore the alternate potential futures of baby Trump, had he only had a happier childhood. Andy took the concept of the series literally. The five surfer Trumps pulling SQUID PRO QUO in the artwork are alternate reality future Trumps who benefited from surfing lessons as kids and now live peacefully as professional surfers, riding the swells.

Just Squiddy

Artists’ statement:

"I imagined him floating over a psychedelic sunset, riding tubes in pure bliss. 5 alternate reality surfer Trumps guide the strings harmoniously. Like if he grew up surfing with his dad, going to the beach each weekend. --ANDREW JACOBS, Wellfleet Mass. @SOULKONTROLLER

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